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Big Girl Bed

About a month ago we started a sticker chart system for Gabby to earn a "big girl bed." After about three days of earning her stickers by not crying an going to bed nicely, she climbed out of her bed. The next day she attempted to do the same thing again. She found a way around the sticker chart system, but we didn't want her to realize this.

One day she spent the night at my parents' house so Michael and I could have a date night and go to a Halloween party. When Gabby came gone the next day and went into her room she discovered her big girl bed!

We kept the sticker chart and told her we would take her big girl bed away and she would have to go back into a crib if she did not stay in her bed. Amazingly she stays in her bed all night; however, nap times are a different story. She no longer cries when we put her to bed and goes to bed with a lot less protesting. We just knew that the transition from crib to bed was going to be weeks of sleeplessness for us, but lik…

Princess Kitty on Halloween

Halloween would have to be one of Gabby's favorite holidays so far.  She prepared for a few months by watching "Bubble Guppies Haunted House" and I must say she loves pretending there is a g-g-g-ghost!! Oh no it's just Bubble Puppy.  This is a game that is played probably 20 times a day.  Gabby also likes to turn lights out to make it dark and spooky.  I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween after watching the show one day and she took a moment to think and then decisively exclaimed, "a princess kitty!"  I was thinking I was going to have to create a costume from scratch, but we were lucky enough to find one at the store that meet Gabby's criteria.

The day of Halloween finally arrived after numerous mini-pumpkins were painted, costumes were broken in, and spooky pretend play was completed. Gabby wore one of the many Halloween shirts Grandma made her to go to story time at the library.  To my surprise everyone was dressed in their costumes, so G…