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Pants on Fire!

Apparently Gabby officially lied for the first time last week.  I don't mean she said "yes" when she meant to say "no", or "no" when she should have said "yes," I mean she came up with a story to get her way! I am in trouble if my barely 2 year old has figured out that there are ways around the truth, especially because she found it quite amusing that her fib achieved the goal she desired. 

Every time my Aunt Ellen comes to see Gabby she brings fruit snacks because Gabby warms up to her instantly and it's entertaining to see her all sugared up (normally I don't allow her to have sugary snacks like that but special occasions are fine). This time when Gabby was grubbing down on her sugary treat Aunt Ellen asked if she could have one.  Gabby looked at her with her sweet chubby cheeks and said, "No, Gabby medicine."  Aunt Ellen could not contain herself and laughed hysterically.  Really can you blame her?  Have you ever heard a barely 2-year-old come up with such a logical and elaborate lie?!? Needless to say, Aunt Ellen did not get a fruit snack.  When Papa arrived home Gabby was given another package of her favorite fruit snacks.  Papa asked if he could have one and Gabby said sure and shared sweetly.  Aunt Ellen found this amusing so she asked if she could have one.  Gabby's response?  "No, medicine."  I was not there but I imagine there was a lot of hooting, knee slapping, and laughing from all three of the adults present.  I don't think a lesson was learned during Gabby's first fib.  Scratch that, Gabby learned it's hilarious to make up stories when she wants to do something different than what she knows is expected of her.

I am not concerned about this fibbing incident, but I am really curious whether Gabby will share with her Great Aunt Ellen (recently dubbed Gram E by Gabby) next time she is here.  Gabby has a stellar memory so I imagine she will inform Aunt Ellen that her candy is "medicine" once again, because she knows Aunt Ellen finds it amusing.

Gabby never seizes to amaze and surprise me.  The fact that she lied isn't surprising, children have very vivid imaginations and will do whatever it takes to get her way.  The fact that she came up with a logical reason her treat could not be shared is what surprises me.  Gabby frequently sees Michael suck on cough drops and Gabby always asks about them.  We simply tell her they are Daddy's medicine so only he can have them. I am impressed she generalized this statement into an effective way in her life so quickly.


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