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Survived the First Week of School!

Gabby's first week of school went very well for Gabby. Here is a summary of the highlights that I am sure I will want to look back on and laugh about one day.

Day 1:

The first day of school Gabby didn't have much to say about her day.  She told me that her teacher is much nicer than she thought she would be! I think this day was more difficult on me than her. Grandma and I took her for ice cream to celebrate all of us surviving the first day!

Day 2:
Gabby begged to buy her lunch on the second day of school.  Michael and I told her that it was a special treat to buy her lunch (the food isn't very healthy) but that we would allow her to choose one day each week.  So Michael and I loaded money on her lunch account and she bought her lunch.  She had cheese pizza and said it was delicious!  If buying her lunch allows her to expand her very picky palate I will encourage the once a week buying!

After school Gabby had tumbling.  So we came home and had a snack and then headed to tumbling. When we came home from tumbling Gabby begged to help me make an earthquake cake since day 2 was also "Aunt KK's" birthday.  Gabby enjoyed making the cake.  She did everything except use the mixer.  We also decided to make two plain cakes in her Easy Bake Oven because she HATES coconut (it makes her gag).  We really enjoyed baking our cakes.  We then ate our dinner and went to drop the cake off and sing 'Happy Birthday' to Aunt KK.  She seemed to enjoy all of these activities. However, once we arrived home I informed Gabby it was time for her bath and to relax.  Do you know what her response was?! "We 'neber eber' do anything fun! I wanted to play with my friends." And then she preceded to cry (overtired).  Really? We just went to tumbling, baked a cake, and drew pictures. Never. Satisfied.  I just hugged her, gave her a really fast bath, and then Daddy was home and the world was right again!

When I informed Gabby it was almost time for bed because she had school tomorrow; she looked at me with the most perplexed and disappointed face. "Again?!" she said exasperated.  It was hard not to chuckle at this point.  Gabby was thoroughly appalled that she was required to attend another consecutive day of school.   She misses Mommy and wants to stay home with me (so lucky she still feels this way, since I feel the same).  Luckily she got over this quickly, but it was the best reaction to witness!

Day 3:

She discovered a little boy, Dean, from her previous preschool was in her class.  Apparently by day three he already asked her to be his girlfriend when they were on the playground and she told him she loved him (I am in trouble!).

Furthermore on day 3, I was probing her about her day and she was telling me all about it: They read three books and 'Pete the Cat' books are awesome.  She claims she is the only one who has never read them.  Now we need to go to the library and checkout all of these books because they are awesome (a win!).  They also did lots and lots of crafts.  As I am unpacking her lunch kit, which she had eaten every single bite of, I asked her if she got a chocolate milk with her lunch.  Gabby responded with, "No they wouldn't let me.  But I got one when I got to school this morning.  They were cleaning the cafeteria so I had to drink it in the nurse's office." She says this nonchalantly, like it's no big deal, like she wasn't late for class, when she was late for class!  She is still oblivious to that fact.  When I asked her why she bought milk she shrugged and said she was still a little hungry (because she only ate a waffle for breakfast and ignored her homemade Greek yogurt smoothie).  Obviously we had to implement a rule of only buying milk at lunch! (That is my favorite story from the week.  Such innocence.)

Day 4:
Gabby picked this flower and gave it to her teacher.

When asked about her day she simply told me they read a lot of books, she 'chit chatted' on the playground with friends, and did a lot of crafts.  Later her friend Abby informed me while they were playing that they had a fire drill at school.  When Abby asked Gabby about the drill she said she was very scared! I explained that the word 'drill' simply means practice and that she had nothing to worry about.  Since she was the door opener and closer this week she said she was the last child out of the classroom.  I can imagine how scared she must have been, but she seems to be adapting well.

Day 5:

Today we gave the teacher a thank you note with a picture of a super cute cat on the front.  Gabby wrote in the card and then I stuck a gift card in it (I can imagine she needs a drink after a full week with a classroom full of 5 year olds!). Today was also early release day.  Gabby and all of her friends were released from school at 11:50, so I volunteered to take the two neighbor kids, Abby and Cameron home with me.  They seem to be enjoying the day.  They have already had ice cream sundaes as their snack and are now all swimming in the pool, as I write this, playing scuba squirrel patrol. So blessed to be able to watch these cuties laugh and act crazy!

The first of week was a success! I pray that Gabby's teacher is a kind and encouraging teacher who will boost her confidence.  She seems very nice, but it is hard entrusting a person you don't even know as a care taker for your child literally half of the time they are awake per day.  Now, do I really have to do this all over again next week?!?

Mommy note: This has been by far the hardest milestone in Gabby's life thus far (though I know harder ones like boyfriends and cars are to come) and I was not anticipating this! My baby is no longer a baby.  She weighs 43 pounds and is only a head shorter than me (42 inches).  I sure I hope I adjust quickly to this. I am so lucky that she at least loves school (like her Mommy) and have such a loving and understanding husband.  Michael, are you sure I can't home school her?! ;)


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