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Halloween with Angelina Ballerina

Gabby's Halloween celebrations lasted a week long! We started celebrating Saturday by going to a Halloween festival where Gabby dressed up and had a ton of fun!  She participated in Zumba, playing in the gym (including the rings), a cake walk, and going through a Haunted House.  The Haunted House was so spooky according to Gabby (it was simply a dark room with black lights and words that glowed in the dark written throughout the maze and Halloween music.  She loved the celebration.

After the cake walk excited to eat some of her candy.

Strong enough to hole herself on the rings for a minute.
Then, Tuesday Grandma took Gabby, dressed as Strawberry Shortcake to mix things up, to the library to paint a pumpkin, do a craft, and watch some shadow puppet plays.  The next day I took off of work and took Gabby dressed up again even though it was pouring down raining to the library for story for story time and to enjoy in more Halloween Festivities.
Ready for story time to begin.
Finally, Halloween morning  Gabby awoke, with her eyes barely open she greeted me in the bathroom rubbing her eyes saying, "I was looking eberywhere for you.  It's Halloween!"  She was so adorable. We got ready and I took her to Grandma's house (where she graciously watched Gabby even though she was sick).  It rained heavily all day, to the point we were concerned whether we would be able to go trick-or-treating or not, but we were lucky, the rained stopped and the weather felt nice (besides being overly humid).

I had a two hour lunch and enjoyed making a baby, daddy, and mommy mummy craft.  Then it was back to work.

Notice her mouse tail peeking from under her costume.
Daddy got off of work early and picked Gabby up.  Then Papa and I showed up, ate dinner, and got Gabby dressed.  Finally it was time for the main event, trick-or-treating! Gabby asked for us to bring the wagon and she would hop out at each house and sprint up to each door.  It took her about five house to get the hang of saying, "trick-or-treat" (but she never forgot to say thank you).  Finally she met up with her friend Hayley with Mommy, Daddy, and Papa following and the girls held hand going from door to door.  At a few houses they rang the door bell, hid on the side, and jumped out yelling, "Boo!"  It was a pretty funny sight.  When they finally got a lot of candy and had to part ways, they gave each other a hug and went their separate ways.  Gabby went to a few more houses and even danced for one neighbor.  She was constantly told how beautiful she was and she never batted an eye, just said thank you as she ran to the next home.

Cleaning out her pumpkin (she was only interested for about 5 minutes)
Ready to go trick-or-treating by her Tinkerbell pumpkin.
Once we arrived home Papa told her goodbye and then she chose one piece of candy to eat and one to put in her lunch box for snack time and off to bed for her! She was so tired she went to sleep with minimal complaints.  I suppose Halloween was everything she imagined it to be.

This is a silly face that she makes frequently when having fun

Showing off her ballerina moves


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