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The nickname "Stinkerbell" has been one of Gabby's top 5 and slowly continues to rise on her chart of nicknames the older she gets.  Stinkerbell is the perfect depiction of Gabby lately.  She recently turned 16 months, but I think she believes she is 2 years old...because the terrible two's have begun! Look out Mommy and Daddy, defiance and behavior issues galore are now our new usual. 

Gabby is constantly testing her boundaries. Here is a snapshot of her recent behavior: she flips her bowl of food on the ground 2 to 3 times a day, throws herself on the ground crying when she doesn't get her way or pinches, scratches, and slaps you, when you tell her to stop doing something she will definitely continue to do it (and likely more often). When you try to discipline her saying no sternly, popping her hand, or putting her in the corner for timeout she simply laughs hysterically. This may sound terrible, but it's actually quite hilarious and difficult to stay serious and make sure Gabby follows through with appropriate behavior. Two weeks of this and I felt like there was no way she would ever listen, but in the last few days she has been an angel. We've had so much fun playing, laughing, and getting lots of kisses. Hopefully we are out of this phase (for a little while at least).  All I know is I love my Stinkerbell, she makes life so fun!



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Becoming a Marlin

One evening while eating dinner at Texas Roadhouse (our usual on Friday nights so we can see Daddy for an hour while he’s working) Gabby saw Olympic swimmers on the television and said I want to do that.  Michael and I have been wanting Gabby to become less fearful of the water and a stronger swimmer so we immediately agreed that becoming a swimmer was a great idea.  Two weeks later I had all of the information needed and we were signed up for the neighborhood swim team.  Little did I know how intense summer swim team would be!
To be allowed on the team you must be capable of swimming across the entire 25 meter pool, there is no time limit and you are allowed to hold on to the rope as much as you need.  Gabby made it across the pool in about 2 minutes, 20 seconds with a lot of encouragement from the coaches and a lot of holding onto the ropes and taking breaks.  I must add that the evaluation was in April and it was cold, but she never even mentioned the temperature of the water the…

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Father's Day was a relaxing day.  Michael has been working extremely hard building things at the escape room.  We decided to spend the day with his best friend.  It was a fun and relaxing day enjoying the kids and cooking burgers.  I think these pictures depict our day:

I think Gabby knows that she is so blessed to have such a loving, caring, involved fun Daddy.  I know that I am lucky to have such an amazing partner sharing this crazy life of parenting and making memories.  We love you Michael and we both feel so blessed for the ways you choose to so your love.  You make our lives amazing.  Love you.

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Gabby's dance recital theme this year was "Texas."  Gabby's tap and jazz class chose "Deep In the Heart of Texas!"  Gabby worked extremely hard to learn her dance over the past two months and I must say she did amazing! I loved watching her put on a big smile and shake her hips in her tutu while pumping her heart in the dance.  She did very well and seemed so confident while performing on stage (although that wasn't truly the case).

Yesterday at the dress rehearsal Gabby heard people laughing (because her dance is so stinking adorable) and Gabby was very upset that people were laughing at her.  I calmed her down after ensuring her everyone loved their dance and were just being interactive because they were enjoying singing along \the song and clapping when while singing.  They ran through their dance twice on stage and did amazing the second time, but I think the fact that they ran through their dance twice made Gabby feel like they weren't doing i…