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A Day..

Gabby started cutting TWO teeth at one time; however, on this particular day I was not aware that her reason for being a pain was because she was in pain. She was an extremely unhappy baby all day long. She required me to hold her or listen to her whine every moment she was awake, but since the world doesn't stop when you have a cranky baby, I decided to attempt a few quick errands, in which we would be home in an hour or less. I simply wanted to exchange an outfit she was given that wasn't the correct size and pick up Daddy's Father's Day gift (because we were at Lacey's wedding the weekend of Father's Day). We went to the store to exchange the outfit, but of course they didn't have her size. They did however have a 70% off sale so Gabby was allowed to choose one toy which only cost $2 and put her in a magnificient mood. Then she began getting fussy in the car so I gave her a Goldfish cracker, but she kept yelling for the entire bag so I opened the bag with a hole just large enough for her petite hand to get in and out. Bad idea!! Within five minutes of giving her the bag I realized she was dumping the entire bag all over the car. On the up side she was having a blast and her mood continued to improve. By the time we arrived to the store to pick up Gabby's hand painted picture frame there was Goldfish confetti everywhere! In her diaper, in her car seat, all over the seats in the car, on the floorboards, you name it there were Goldfish littering that area of the car, not to mention them literally spilling out of the car when I opened the door! Gabby was covered in Goldfish. So I started laboring away putting each Goldfish back into the bag. Gabby is giddy by this point, so proud of her orange confetti art work. I free her from the orange blanket of fish and we go into the store and pick up her precious picture frame, which takes a total of one minute since I had already paid.

So back to the car we go, with nothing but the few bucks in my pocket and no diaper bag, no phone, and of course no keys!! I pull on the door handles, but they were locked tight. I peek into the car and of course there the keys are taunting me, hiding behind Gabby's car seat. I do not recall locking the car much less placing the keys there, but they laid there with no hope for me to get Gabby home before another tantrum began.

So I tote Gabby and her gift for Daddy back into the store, borrow their phone, and beg my mom to save us from this event. Luckily Mom was right by my house and she was able to get in and find my spare key. Luckily we were locked out of my car in Kingwood's Town Center so I just took Gabby across the street and grabbed a hand spun chocolate milkshake. After we finished our milkshake we found a bench under a shady tree and Gabby had a blast running around watching the ants marching on the concrete and the tree blowing in the wind. Less than 15 minutes after we finished our milkshake my mom was there to save the day. I don't know if this was a good day or a bad day but I do know it was a lucky day. Whenever the going got tough Gabby was an angel!


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