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Swim Lesson Recap

Swimming lesson #2 was a complete success! Although our morning started off rough I truly think Gabby has made significant progress in the pool. First, I put Gabby in the car and she literally fell asleep before I turned off of our street. So we arrive at the pool about 15 minutes before our lesson begins so I decide to allow her to have a 10 minute cat nap to hopefully rejuvenate her good spirit. After twiddling my fingers for the allotted time I scooped my little swim star into my arms hoping for a happy baby and was blessed with my wish granted.  Gabby played with a little 2 year old boy for 30 minutes. Thirty minutes? we were only supposed to have 10 minutes, apparently I was 40 minutes early not 10 minutes! Luckily Gabby was in a great mood throughout our swim lesson.  She went under 4 times and only cried the 4th time! She also learned how to walk on the edge of the pool with her hands and minimal help from me. The day I anticipated to be a disaster was a blessing in disguise.  Gabby made a new friend, which I plan on her seeing next week (we will arrive 30 minutes early) and she learned new swim skills!

Swimming lesson #3 was an epic fail!  Grandma and Nanny came to watch (big mistake!) so Gabby cried any time she had a glimpse of either of them.  She still did all of her exercises quite well, but I don't think she enjoyed it as much because she was too excited to play with Grandma and Nanny.  The good news? I have tons of adorable pictures and videos front he session!

The final swim lesson was wonderful! Daddy took a week of vacation so he was able to take Gabby to her final swim class.  We thought he would be the only man in the lesson but surprisingly three of the five parents were male at the lesson.  Gabby went to a different class and they dunked her under water at least triple the amount of times she was used to going under, but I guess because Daddy was there she felt safe and didn't seem to mind too much.  I think Daddy enjoyed the lesson as much as Gabby.  They followed all of the instructions and Gabby even swam underwater (with a little assistance from the instructor) for a few seconds!

Swim lessons were a fun experience and we will definitely do them again next year!


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