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You Win Some, You Lose Some

Sunday night was a good night and a bad night! I enjoyed going to a friend's baby shower and then seeing Genny, one of my closest friends. Then I went over to my parents to cheer for the Saints and eat burgers. The Saints won!!! We were all very excited to celebrate the Super Bowl bound Saints! Then after cheering and celebrating Mike and I came home and went straight to sleep. That was the end of the good day...

Around 11:30 I began being very sick! At 12:30 I called and woke my doctor explaining that I had been vomiting for an hour straight. I woke Michael as I began talking to the doctor handing Michael a list of my symptoms and throwing the phone at him (poor guy was disoriented, having no clue what was going on) so I could return to the porcelian throane. We were instructed to go to the hospital immediately. Michael said it was a good dry run (which we were not prepared for at all!). We made it into Labor and Delivery in 35 minutes without speeding or anything. I got the most inexperienced nurse I have ever met, she was sweet but took an eternity to get the IV started. I had contractions while we were there due to dehydration, but only 3 were seriously painful. Poor Michael ended up getting sick while filling out my paper work. Mike and I spent the next 33 hours in the hospital. I think I began feeling better quicker than Michael or my mom. We determined it was the burgers we ate, which gave us food poisoning. Poor Michael had to sleep on the hardest, shortest couch you've ever felt. Not to mention he POPPED a pillow! They were like balloons! Michael was not treated for his food poisoning, he was forced to suffer through while I was waited on hand and foot.

The things I've learned from this experience that will "prepare" me for our real trip to bring Gabby into the world (who can ever be prepared for childbirth?!?):
  • Have a bag ready TODAY
  • Bring our own pillows
  • The nurses (even the night nurses) were all very compassionate so don't worry
  • The ride will feel like an eternity, be we WILL make it there
  • Bring something to entertain ourselves
  • Bring an extra blanket and more clothes than you think you'll need
We are all feeling better, but I am still really sore and weak. I am hoping to be working again this Thursday.


Carey said…
so the question is - is your bag packed?!

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