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Babies are Unpredictable!

Mike and I learned a fun lesson about children. They are unpredictable! On Saturday Mike and I had an appointment to have a 3-D ultrasound, just for the fun of seeing her one more time before she is born. My grandma and two aunts drove in from Louisiana for this 15 minute event.

When we got to the place that conducts the ultrasounds we were all excited. Everyone settled in and got comfortable while the lady started in a 2-D ultrasound trying to figure out where Gabby was and what the best point of view would be. We quickly figured out that our little girl was being camera shy. She had both of her knees covering her face and her arms on the side of her ears. She was hardly letting us have a peek of any part of her face! The ultrasound technician tried pushing on my stomach hoping to agitated her and move her, but she refused. Then we tried toe touches, holding my breath, leaning over....basically anything the tech could think of but it was no use. We only accomplished having Gabby hide her face even deeper in the placenta. The good news is we are beyond a doubt positive she is a girl and I have the pictures to prove it!! I asked Michael what we should do with those pictures? Do you put such graphic pictures in her baby book and then one day when trying to embarrass her in front of her new boyfriend show off her baby book and whoops! Now the new boyfriend has seen far more of her than you ever hoped?!?

For now we are just being patient. We get to go back this Friday and try again to get a peek of my baby girl's face. I feel terrible that my grandma and aunts drove in for nothing. Otherwise though, the whole experience was pretty funny! However, I am now wondering if I should have taken my doctor's advice and put the money we spent on this into a college fund for her? I am surprisingly patient with being pregnant and the little bumps in the road. If you know me you know I am a person who is a true Sagittarius. Usually when I want something I want it to happen at that very moment. At this point I am happy to get to go back and see what Gabby likes to do on a Friday and I like her in the safety of my womb. So at this point I am in no hurry for her to face the real world!


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