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"Get In My Belly!"

Officially yesterday I was called out for being pregnant. A mom of one of my client's caught be completely off guard. I was sitting with another child waiting on their parent to return and this mom said, "So is there a kid in there?" and pointed to my stomach. I of course turned all shades of red I am sure and told her yes. Her little five year old son heard this whole conversation and before we went back into my room his mother informed him there was a baby in my tummy.

Once in my room my little friend asked yet again, "Is there a baby in your tummy?"

"Yes." (I am starting to chuckle because he is VERY interested in this idea and this is the 3rd time he has asked since he heard me tell his mother about 2 minutes earlier)

"Mi (miss, he's in speech therapy) Amber, why did you eat a baby?" he asked concerned "You're not supposed to eat babies!"

I am laughing so hard I cannot respond so he continues..."Why is there a baby in your tummy?"

I logically answer, "So it can grow."

"Why you swallow the baby?? He don't need you."

And this conversation as you can imagine went on sporadically throughout our session. His mom informed me later that he believes babies get in people's tummies because they eat them.

So I am not as good as hiding my baby bump as I thought. I guess the growing belly is hard to disguise!

The next time someone asks you where babies come from you can simply tell them to watch Austin Powers, Fat Bastard knows the answer! "Get in my belly!"


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