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Family Disney Cruise

This cruise was a whirlwind and a much different experience than our first Disney Cruise.  Both trips were amazing but in such different ways.  This vacation was wonderful because all of the kids had so much time together and they seemed to all enjoy the magic of the boat.

Grandma made the big girls handmade dresses for each night for dinner and I bought Molly and Gabby dresses so they would feel fancy as well.  Grandma even made the most amazing pirate costumes for the entire clan! We partied each night until we couldn't make it any longer.

Another highlight of the vacation was Brody's birthday!! We celebrated in on Pirate's night.  Michael and I allowed him to pick any toy he would like from the store on the boat and he chose a Buzz Light Year.  He seemed to really enjoy having the pirates sing Happy Birthday to him during dinner. He seemed to be feeling better (he was quite sick on the trip as well as Sharon) for his birthday celebration.  After dinner and the theater performance we headed outside to enjoy the fireworks show.  Gabby and Molly literally danced until they passed out at the pirate party.  It was the funniest thing watching them dance and refuse to stop moving.  Their little tutus just bounced around.

It was freezing which was unexpected for the cruise.  We still went on the Aqua Duck because Gabby didn't get to ride it because she was too short.  She even swam in the Mickey shaped pool and we all enjoyed some time in the hot tub as well.

Gabby seemed to be the only of the children to enjoy the child care area, so she only went there twice.  We went to a magic show the last time while we allowed her to play in the kid area and Michael was asked to come on to the stage to be a participant. Sharon called while Mike was participating the magic show so she and Lee ran down to see.  They missed his performance but Lee was asked onto stage and got to buckle a girl to the table.  It was hilarious and fun, such a funny way to end the trip.

These two were celebrities and were being announced on the red carpet.

Gabby and Molly on the red carpet being interviewed and on the screens inside the theater for all to see.  The paparazzi even bombarded them with photographs.  

Enjoying collecting Golden Mickeys

The girls were dancing machines.  They even danced on stage a few nights!

By far the most fun we had meeting a character. He had her laughing

Mommy made surprises for all of the family.  Gabby enjoyed delivering them each day.

Two peas in a pod. They were inseparable.

Being a detective watching the pictures come to life

Looking for all of the 'Easter eggs' in the photos
All of the girls had a Minnie bow made out of their napkin by the waiter:

Cayman Cay island is the island Disney owns. We enjoyed our cold day there.  We rode paddle boats, with Michael's ultimate goal to ram into his sister's boat.  Gabby loved ramming her aunt and uncle's paddle boats.  It was a breezy and chilly but beautiful day on the island.  We played in the sand, had a nice lunch, and then before we left they braved the waters (freezing!) to go down the slides a few times.  They loved it! Then we rode the trolly back to the ship to get warm and get ready for a night of a fancy dinner, dancing, and the theater performance.

On the final day of the cruise, Michael and I took Gabby and Molly to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  It was adorable, the big girls even decided to come and watch.  The girls were taken care of by fairy godmothers in training.  They stayed in character the entire time.  Gabby had make-up put of from Rupunzel's painting pallette, had her hair fixed like Belle using a little gel from jelly fish Ariel found at the bottom of the sea, had her nails painted with gold glitter polish, received a bag from Cinderella. Once the experience was complete the fairy godmother had the girls close their eyes and make a wish as she said an enchantment and their hair was pixie dusted with a little of Tinkerbell's magic.  Even the big girls had a little pixie dust and wish making given to them.  It was a memorable and exciting experience.

Finally, the trip was over and Michael loaded a wall of luggage into the van.  Then we all piled in behind the wall and buckled up to travel to the airport.  It was a freezing and there was snow across the nation.  On the way to the airport Molly began throwing up.  Moments later Gabby, who was sitting next to her, began vomiting as well.  We could not pull over because we were on a long bridge with no place to pull over.  So I stripped the girls naked and put new clothes on them.  Molly said she felt fine afterwards, but Gabby's health quickly declined.  Once at the airport, we sat in the airport frequently running to the restroom to vomit. Poor baby was constantly sick.  We gave her medicine to stop the puking and it knocked her out.  She slept for over 12 hours.  The first flight we had no issues and she simply slept.  However, our second flight kept being pushed out until we were stuck in the airport for over 12 hours more than expected.  Gabby slept until we arrived home.  We took her to the doctor and she had strep throat.  We had an amazing vacation, but the trip home was a nightmare.


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