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Gabby's 4th Birthday Party

Gabby's love for cats has only grown over the past few years.

We used her collection of Hello Kitty toys and some homemade decorations to make her party spectacular.  She chose everything and had a lot of fun picking everything out.

Gabby's cake had little stamps that she can play with.  Because they didn't have it ready until the day after I ordered it, it was only $8 including the cupcakes.

Her favorite color is light pink combined with her favorite animal, cats.  How much more excited could one girl be?

Gabby's cup that match her invitations.  She taped each kitty on the cups after I printed and cut them out.

A favorite treat in her 4 leaf clover for our St. Patrick's Day  baby

Gabby still getting the hang of making her fingers into the number 4. 

Mommy with Gabby soaking up a few moments before she was off to play with friends.

Everything Daddy and I do it to celebrate this sweet baby girl we have been blessed with.

The talented Nanny painted Gabby's face to have her ready for the party!

After Nanny painted Gabby's face she decided she didn't like the paint around her eyes so poor Nanny had to redo this kitty

Excited about face paint and her pinata

We explained to Gabby that we were going to have to break the cat open for all of the surprises to fall out.  She said she was fine with it, and I think she was except that she wanted to be the person who broke the pinata so she cried.

The goodies spilled out of the girl gift bags.  A beautiful hand beaded Hello Kitty necklace and embroidered Hello Kitty bow on a head band courtesy of the ever so talented Grandma and a sample of everything from the pinata: stamps, gummy candy, and sticky hand toys.

I think everyone enjoyed a little time bouncing together

These matching beauties win the award for the farthest distance traveled to celebrate with Gabby.  We loved our short visit with Brandy and Blakeleigh!

Ready for her first swing at the never breaking pinata.  

Enjoying everyone singing Happy Birthday to such a special girl

Opening gifts was chaotic.  Every child decided they wanted to be the one who handed her their gift. It was so sweet because she had direct conversations with each friend as she opened their gift.  There were A TON of gifts, but she really enjoys everything she got.

Since we had a month of celebrations, numerous candles were blown out.  Gabby wished for a bunch of flowers she could pick every time she made a wish so Grandma and Papa were sure to make this wish come true.  She told Grandma, "Planting the flowers was a fun activity." And that it was!

Gabby had so much fun she didn't even choose to enjoy a piece of birthday cake until the celebration was winding down.

Today was Gabby's birthday party.  She had to wait 5 days after her birthday for the celebration and the anticipation was more than she could handle! Over 40 people came to celebrate the big 4.  I was overwhelmed by the thought of that many people coming, but also amazed, because looking at all of the love and friendship surrounding her was truly inspiring. Gabby is a very special girl who has been blessed with many people who love her.  Seriously, people traveled to be at her party.  Grandma and Grandpa came from Dallas, Blakeleigh and Brandy came from Lafayette, Gigi and Aunt Lisa came from Lake Charles, and Nanny traveled from Shreveport, all to celebrate Gabby. Wow!

The birthday was filled with LOTS of friends and lots of fun: a bouncy house, playground, pinata, pin the bow on Hello Kitty, playing with friends, cake, presents and not to mention face painting (brought to you by Nanny)!  Nanny is a quick talented face painter.  Gabby's face paint only lasted through half of the birthday party because face paint runs when you cry.  Just like Mommy, when her pinata kitty was decapitated, she cried.  We thought she was crying about just being hit in the head with a bat.  Silly us! She was crying because someone broke her kitty.  Again, assuming wrong, I thought she was crying because she was sad the cat was broken, no....becuase she didn't break it.  Daddy fixed that issue by restringing it (the part that had the candy hadn't broken yet anyway) and allowing all of the children to have a few more rounds of hitting it.  Finally he just shook the rope to make the candy fall out.

After the pinata it was cake and presents time.  Gabby loved having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her, her eyes were gleaming.  Then Gabby sat on the floor while cake was passed out and she began opening gifts.  She had an insane amount of gifts and really enjoyed having each of her friends had her the gift they brought.  Overall, Gabby enjoyed the entire day and coming back to the house to visit with family who traveled to celebrate with her.  Thank you everyone who helped to make turning 4 such a special time for Gabby.  We love each and everyone of you.


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