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Lila is Lost

Michael had to go out of town Wednesday night to go to a Texans versus the Cowboys in Dallas with his dad and brother-in-law, Lee.  Gabby and I decided to leave and have a slumber party at my parent's house with GiGi and Aunt Lisa as well.  I put out plenty of food and water for Lila to make it until the next night when I got off of work.  Well, we ended up getting home around 9:00 and luckily Gabby was already asleep so I put her straight to bed to ensure she had enough sleep for school today.  Then I started to look for Lila. I saw that no food had been eaten and litter box was still clean. I started calling her name opening (and leaving open) every closet and cabinet door, the washer, the dryer, you name it I did it! I kept calling her in the front and back yard as well shaking her favorite toy.  Nothing.  I looked in the garage repeatedly and cracked it. I put food and water out as well.  Poor kitty was missing and I did not want to be the one to tell Gabby.  I started to have flashbacks to poor Sheldon.  After shaking bushes and looking for her for over an hour, I finally gave up and went to sleep.

The next morning was Gabby's first day of school so I woke up early and started getting ready.  When Gabby came in she went to look for Lila.  She asked me where Lila was and I told her that I thought she was outside.  We called her from the front and back door, but when there was no Lila we went inside.  Gabby said she probably went outside to go potty. I agreed and we focused on getting ready for the first day of school (although I was really anxious worrying about what to do about the missing cat and poor Gabby).

After dropping Gabby off at school I was determined to find the cat. I drove around the neighborhood, but she was no where to be found.  So I went home and created this sign.  Then I went to Kinko's and printed signs, drove home, and posted them on all of the neighbors' doors and on all of the community mailboxes, but still not call.

That afternoon Gabby started to become concerned about Lila missing and so she hopped on her tricycle and helped me go door to door and post signs.  Obnoxious, I know, but I will do anything for my baby girl!  By the time Daddy arrived home we had posted all of the signs I had hoped to get up.  Daddy was upset just like me, Gabby wasn't really concerned yet, she was sure Lila was on her way home.  We told her maybe another girl was just taking a turn playing with her and that hopefully she would come back soon.

After a lot of praying to St. Anthony and the prayers of others, I received a phone call, not even after a Michael arrived home.  We hopped in the truck to go pick up Lila (who was actually only a few doors down, but the address sounded further away.  Apparently they had found Lila across the street from their home the night before being picked on by bigger cats.  She was sticking up for herself, but was obviously not going to win.  They were kind enough to take her in and give our very thirsty kitten lots of water.  A little girl did live at the house and was very happy to return Lila to her rightful owner.  Our signs and prayers worked! Gabby's first day of school started off rocky but had a very happy ending.

The next day Gabby helped me make brownies and write a thank you note to the neighbors.  She was very excited to drop of the treats and hopefully is starting to learn a little about gratitude.  We all know now that we love our kitten very much and we are so happy that Gabby has her.  


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