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Gabby's 3rd Birthday!

Wow, Gabby is officially 3, can you believe we've been blessed to have her in our lives this long?! Being the opinionated verbose little girl she is, Gabby planned her own birthday.  Every time we talked about her birthday I would ask her what she wanted at her birthday and she would say, "pink, hearts, and farkles (sparkles)."  I thought that would be easy so I started doing research to get inspired.  In January she became obsessed with ballerinas so I decided to have a ballerina at her birthday party (to also solidify potty training motivation for no more accidents)! Once I mentioned it to her there was no going back. Then, the week before her birthday she added she needed flowers, pink lemonade, and balloons at her birthday as well.  I know we spoil her, but why not? She is a very grateful, loving angel and it's a day to celebrate her (as if we don't do this every day).

Grandma helped/made all of the decorations for the party.  Every picture I had pinned she made. We had handmade pink jeweled crowns for every girl, tutus around the tables, a birthday banner, tutu around the cupcake plate, popcorn boxes with pink sparkled hearts, decorative, ballerinas, homemade cupcakes, vases with pink sparkly hearts, flowers, mirrors for the girls to watch themselves dance and tons of balloons!

I was lucky enough to be allowed to set up the day before the party so I could relax and enjoy the party and not wake up at the crack of dawn.  It took Grandma, Nanny, and I a total of about 8 hours to completely set up for the party,  which included making the cupcakes, lemonade, pink popcorn and tutus for the table.  By the time Gabby and I picked Daddy up from the airport, I was feeling confident about being ready for the party and by the time we arrived home Grandma and Grandpa arrived, they traveled 5 hours to come and celebrate Gabby's birthday, what a treat!

The next morning I was ready by 8:15 and about to head out of the house when the lady who rented the clubhouse to me knocked on my door and informed me that I had the date wrong and my party wasn't until tomorrow that I needed to go directly to the clubhouse and take down all of my hard work. I of course was devastated and burst into tears. Michael ended up having to talk to her until I could compose myself.  The other people were kind enough to change their celebration to another place so Gabby could have her party.  After that fiasco the day went fabulously. 

Gabby arrived to the party 30 minutes before the party dressed in her ballet attire and greeted by her ballerina, named Princess.  Gabby dragged her in the party area where we showed Gabby all of her party decorations (which she was very excited about) and then Gabby was ready to dance!  The ballerina started by seeing how Gabby liked to dance to some of her favorite Disney music.  Then Gabby received her very first ballet lesson.  She listened very well, but only for about 3 or 4 minutes and then she was ready to continue her twirls.  The ballerina danced around with Gabby and was just the sweetest girl I could have asked for! Gabby hardly even stopped dancing to greet guests as they arrived.

Once all of the children arrived we put their crowns on and they began their dance lesson.  The boys went outside and played on the playground and bounced in the bouncy house.  Quickly all of the girls were finished with dancing so we invited the boys back in and they all received ribbons to dance with.  The kids played with these for a very long time!  At one point however, all of the children decided going to the playground was what needed to happen so they all played while pizza was put on their plates. Then they had competitions of who could run the fastest, jump the highest, had the prettiest twirl, and the prettiest ballerina move (Gabby one this one).  All of the kids won a medal, which they seem to be excited about.  Next, yummy pizza was eaten while the ballerina performed a short dance (which we were all it aw of ).  Finally, Happy Birthday was sung and Gabby blew out the candles with a lot of work (and concern that she would burn her nose!).  Then it was time for photos with Princess and to say goodbye to her.  Gabby was okay with saying goodbye because an hour and a half was a ballerina was such special treat to her.

To end the celebration, Gabby opened an ocean of gifts from all of her beloved friends and family.  Everyone gave her gifts she truly adores!  I don't think Gabby could have asked for a better birthday.  We are so grateful to the love from family and friends that are constantly poured into Gabby's life.

Happy 3rd Birthday Gabby!  Daddy and I are so very lucky to have you in our lives and we thank God every day for giving us such a smart, sweet, funny, loving baby girl. You are a blessing to us and we love you more than you could ever imagine. I hope your 3rd year is full of lots of learning and fun adventures (as your Daddy and I very well plan on it being).  We love you!


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