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Gabrielle's Dictionary

So here are some of Gabby's common words/phrases and their meaning:

Show- She wants to watch a television program or movie
Elmo on- This could mean she actually wants to watch Elmo or she would like to watch Nemo.  We make her clarify and she will expand by saying "fish" if she means Nemo.
Show me- Usually she will grab your hand and want to take you to see something or play with her some where
Mere- Come here
Beast- Beauty and the Beast
Money money-She found money it could be a coin or paper money they are equally exciting to her
Pig noise: Could mean she wants to put money in her piggy bank, play with her piggy bank by taking the money out and putting it back in or that she would like to watch Peppa Pig.  (She'll usually clarify by saying money or Peppa if you don't have a context to figure it out)
Bye-Bye: Just the cutest phrase she has because of the way she says it and usually follows it by "wuv you"
Scuse me- Means excuse me. She will say this with no prompting when she burps or after each hiccup it's adorable!
Tae Tu- Thank you
Side- Means slide and that she wants to go to the park
Walk- She wants to ride in her stroller or push her baby in her stroller
All done- She wants to stop doing something
Butter butter- Peanut butter or butter she loves both of them


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Gabby's party was everything she imagined it.  The 22 girls enjoyed getting their hair and make up done.  Then they all put on their head set microphone and then headed onto stage and enjoyed performing their favorite songs.  The girls seemed to really like the party that Gabby planned.  After cake and gifts the girls went back to the stage for an encore (or 5).  A few of the moms at the party even attempted to escape from one of our escape rooms.  Gabby seemed to love having the run of Escape Artist and showing off the rooms to all of her friends.  It is amazing how many people love and care for Gabby.  We are so grateful for all of the friends and fun that was had at her party!  

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