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My Traveling Angel

Gabby had a great adventure her first time traveling by plane.  Gabby and Mommy got to the airport two hours early (as recommended by the TSA).  We went through the checkpoints with Gabby's stroller and our two carry on items. Then we had an early dinner and waited for our plane.  The flight to Amarillo was only 1 hour and 38 minutes (not including the time we waited to take off and to unload from the plane). 

Since I was super nervous about how Gabby would behave on the airplane, I strategically dressed Gabby in an adorable outfit.  When we arrived in the area to wait for our plane you could feel the stares and resentment from all of the people around.  It was an area where about 16 planes have the same waiting area and it was like the lottery...Everyone was hoping to win a plane without the baby.  Luckily the plane we boarded was only half full; therefore, we had one man in the seats directly in front of us and no one behind us or next to us.  Gabby did not react to take off other than yelling at me for insisting on holding her during take off.  We looked out the windows and I pointed to clouds at eye level, but Gabby was more interested in playing on the floor with her toys.  The flight attendant stopped by a few times and took a moment to hold Gabby, play with her, and give her her first set of wings!  Gabby was a wiggle worm and very busy girl during the entire flight.  She was very well behaved but wore me out!  Landing was as uneventful and taking off.  Gabby was ready to get down and play some more.  While we were waiting to get off of the plane people who passed commented on what an angel Gabby was and how precious she was.  I was relieved that they all seemed to think so.  It was wonderful to be greeting before leaving the airport by the lovely faces of my Michael, Emma, and Sharon.  Small town life is so different than city life!

The flight back was a FULL flight! Gabby was truly an angel the entire flight back she cried thirty seconds during the landing because she didn't want to stay still due to the fear of sleep! As soon as we met Grandma at the gate we loaded Gabby in the car and she fell asleep.  I think she is a wonderful traveler, but I am in no hurry to travel again (even though we had a wonderful time!).


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Gabby's party was everything she imagined it.  The 22 girls enjoyed getting their hair and make up done.  Then they all put on their head set microphone and then headed onto stage and enjoyed performing their favorite songs.  The girls seemed to really like the party that Gabby planned.  After cake and gifts the girls went back to the stage for an encore (or 5).  A few of the moms at the party even attempted to escape from one of our escape rooms.  Gabby seemed to love having the run of Escape Artist and showing off the rooms to all of her friends.  It is amazing how many people love and care for Gabby.  We are so grateful for all of the friends and fun that was had at her party!  

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