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Pregnant Brain

The funniest thing was pointed out to me last weekend. Apparently when I want to emphasize the significance of something I am no longer using convoluted words, instead I use the same technique that most two year olds use....I repeat the word to emphasize it's important. For example, I was excited about how many gifts I got at the shower. How did I tell people this?? I said, "I got a lot of gifts for the shower, like a lot a lot!" I catch myself talking like this at least 3 to 4 times a day, so I can only imagine how many times a day I truly repeat words to emphasize their importance. People are apparently nice and just ignore this for the most part. Only my husband and sister point it out to me, because we all think it's funny.

Another pregnant brain example: Last Monday Mike's parents came into town and we went to eat a Zio's. When we got back to the house I bent down to grab my purse, but what do you know? I forgot it at the restaurant!! I told Michael I would go get it but he insisted on going himself. Poor guy, he's finally admitted that he is tired of pregnancy (just like me). He says it's too much work...and it really is for him because he insists on doing everything for me. I don't think there are very many men who take such good care of their wives throughout an entire pregnancy. I don't think he has ever once complained about helping, doing a favor, cooking dinner every night, cleaning the house, paying the bills...basically cleaning up my messes and making sure I don't forget to do anything important. Thanks babe for all of your patience and love for me.


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Rock Star Party

Gabby's party was everything she imagined it.  The 22 girls enjoyed getting their hair and make up done.  Then they all put on their head set microphone and then headed onto stage and enjoyed performing their favorite songs.  The girls seemed to really like the party that Gabby planned.  After cake and gifts the girls went back to the stage for an encore (or 5).  A few of the moms at the party even attempted to escape from one of our escape rooms.  Gabby seemed to love having the run of Escape Artist and showing off the rooms to all of her friends.  It is amazing how many people love and care for Gabby.  We are so grateful for all of the friends and fun that was had at her party!  

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day was a relaxing day.  Michael has been working extremely hard building things at the escape room.  We decided to spend the day with his best friend.  It was a fun and relaxing day enjoying the kids and cooking burgers.  I think these pictures depict our day:

I think Gabby knows that she is so blessed to have such a loving, caring, involved fun Daddy.  I know that I am lucky to have such an amazing partner sharing this crazy life of parenting and making memories.  We love you Michael and we both feel so blessed for the ways you choose to so your love.  You make our lives amazing.  Love you.

Deep In the Heart of Texas!

Gabby's dance recital theme this year was "Texas."  Gabby's tap and jazz class chose "Deep In the Heart of Texas!"  Gabby worked extremely hard to learn her dance over the past two months and I must say she did amazing! I loved watching her put on a big smile and shake her hips in her tutu while pumping her heart in the dance.  She did very well and seemed so confident while performing on stage (although that wasn't truly the case).

Yesterday at the dress rehearsal Gabby heard people laughing (because her dance is so stinking adorable) and Gabby was very upset that people were laughing at her.  I calmed her down after ensuring her everyone loved their dance and were just being interactive because they were enjoying singing along \the song and clapping when while singing.  They ran through their dance twice on stage and did amazing the second time, but I think the fact that they ran through their dance twice made Gabby feel like they weren't doing i…