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Baby's First "Trip" to the Hospital

So our vacation to Miami was great. We ate our way through the town, walked every where, and spent plenty of time in the ocean. The last day we were there it rained all day, thanks to lovely Claudette! So Mike and I decided to go to a magic show as our finale to the trip. We ordered tickets in advance where we would be seated in one of the first 4 rows.

About an hour before the show it stopped raining so Mike and I decided to walk at least part of the way. About a block and a half from the hotel we were staying at Michael told me to walk carefully and tell him if I didn't feel comfortable walking on the wet sidewalk. Well, about 30 seconds after he said this (and walking around high water to avoid slipping) I slipped when the sidewalk turned from concrete to asphalt. I fell butt first and then apparently hit my head, but didn't know it. Since I was in a driveway Michael helped me to my feet so I could walk to a bench out of harms way. As luck would have it I passed out as soon as I got to the bench. Mike tried to catch me but I yet again smacked my head on the concrete, this time blacking out and hearing music, having a wonderful dream. Except I woke up sitting on the bench with some strange lady staring at me. Apparently I was out for only 10 seconds (my dream seemed to have lasted for hours) and I had a few convulsions while unconscious. Once I was conscious Mike picked me up and carried me like a baby almost the entire way back to the hotel. We hopped in a cab and went on the scariest cab drive of my life...making it to the hospital in one peace (by the grace of God) in record time!

I had to have a CAT Scan and luckily it was only a minor concussion so no swelling or bleeding of the brain. The doctor at the cardiac hospital (whose average age patient was 85 years) attempted to do an ultrasound and claimed she saw the baby and stated the baby's heartbeat was going 90 miles a minute (her words not mine!) attempting to make me feel better...I know she did not see the baby because she never pointed the baby out to me but I know our little skittle is doing fine! I am going to the doctor tomorrow just to double check but I know my baby can handle clumsy mommy! Hopefully our baby gets his/her grace from daddy and not me!

And the moral of the story?? Do not EVER wear flip flops on a rainy day...especially when pregnant... if you do your husband will burn every pair (yes even your favorite sparkly $30 Bebe flip flops that started the flip flop hatred due to making clumsy you fall and end up in the hospital) to ensure your safety.

The good news in all of this?? I get to go on a shoe shopping spree as I am no longer supposed to wear flip flops or heels and that is all I own except for one pair of Pumas.


blogmuffin said…
Amber I am so glad your clumsy butt(& head) are OK! Remember that the first time you hit your head like this...when you fell off the gold were holding a baby too! Weird coincidence..hmm

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